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  1. Can I add my Murfie collection to my iTunes or iPod?

  2. Can I buy more than one album at a time?

  3. Can I download multiple formats?

  4. Can I give an album to someone as a gift?

  5. Can I pay with Bitcoin?

  6. Can I pay with PayPal?

  7. Can I return an album?

  8. Can I sell CDs directly to Murfie?

  9. Can I sell or trade an album after I download it?

  10. Can I stream my music from a web browser?

  11. Can I stream on my phone or tablet?

  12. Can I trade my albums for other music?

  13. Can I use the funds in my account as store credit?

  14. Can I will my Murfie collection to someone?

  15. Can Murfie price my CDs for me?

  16. Can you find an album for me?

  17. Can you put my collection on a hard drive?

  18. Do I have to send album art?

  19. Do I have to store my CDs and vinyl records at Murfie?

  20. Do I need a credit card to use Murfie?

  21. Do I still own my CDs and vinyl records after I send them to Murfie?

  22. Do I still own the CDs and vinyl I send to Murfie?

  23. Do you accept CD-Rs (burned discs)?

  24. Do you accept SACDs (Super Audio CDs)?

  25. Do you digitize cassette tapes?

  26. Do you digitize CDs?

  27. Do you digitize DVDs?

  28. Do you digitize vinyl records?

  29. Do you guarantee the playback quality of the used CDs in the Murfie marketplace?

  30. Do you have bulk shipping?

  31. Do you ship internationally?

  32. Does Murfie offer FLAC downloads?

  33. How are albums ordered on Sonos?

  34. How are Murfie purchases different from iTunes or Amazon downloads?

  35. How can I tell if a CD is used or new?

  36. How do I buy CDs on Murfie?

  37. How do I change the email address on my account?

  38. How do I download my albums?

  39. How do I join Murfie Gold?

  40. How do I join Murfie HiFi?

  41. How do I make a trade?

  42. How do I make a Wishlist?

  43. How do I make more sales on Murfie?

  44. How do I open my download?

  45. How do I price my CDs?

  46. How do I request a check?

  47. How do I sell CDs on Murfie?

  48. How do I send CDs or vinyl records to Murfie?

  49. How do I set up Murfie HiFi on Sonos?

  50. How do I set up Murfie on Bluesound?

  51. How do I set up Murfie on Sonos?

  52. How do I set up Murfie on VOCO?

  53. How do I ship a CD I purchased?

  54. How do I sign in to the iOS/Android app if I registered for Murfie with Facebook or Twitter?

  55. How do I stream my music on Murfie?

  56. How do I turn off auto-renew for Murfie Gold or HiFi?

  57. How do I Unpurchase an album?

  58. How does Murfie work?

  59. How long does it take to get a download?

  60. How much does it cost to download my music?

  61. How much does it cost to send CDs and vinyl records to Murfie?

  62. How much does it cost to stream my collection?

  63. How much does Murfie cost?

  64. How much does storage cost?

  65. Is Murfie available internationally?

  66. Is there lossless streaming on Murfie?

  67. What are the international shipping rates?

  68. What different download formats do you have?

  69. What does shipping cost?

  70. What formats work with iTunes?

  71. What happens to my collection if something happens to Murfie?

  72. What happens to my Murfie collection after I die?

  73. What happens when I buy a CD on Murfie?

  74. What if an album is not in stock?

  75. What if I count wrong and send in a different amount of CDs or vinyl records?

  76. What if I forgot my password?

  77. What if I get a "remote service error" on Bluesound?

  78. What if I get a message that says “Unable to Browse Music” on Sonos?

  79. What if I want my CDs and vinyl records back?

  80. What if my CDs are in binders?

  81. What if my CDs are scratched?

  82. What if my CDs aren’t in plastic jewel cases?

  83. What is Murfie?

  84. What is my shop?

  85. What is the 90-day Guarantee?

  86. What is your standard streaming bitrate and format?

  87. What should I send in with my CDs?

  88. What’s a Shipping Kit?

  89. What’s the difference between the audio formats?

  90. What’s your phone number?

  91. When will my collection be ready online?

  92. Where can I get a Sonos device?

  93. Where do I order a Shipping Kit?

  94. Where do I update my credit card information?

  95. Where is my download?

  96. Why did I get a “Couldn’t complete the trade” message?

  97. Why do I see albums in my shop that aren’t for sale?

  98. Why is my band’s music on Murfie?

  99. Why is my band’s music on Murfie?

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