How do I buy CDs on Murfie?

  • Sign in to Murfie

  • Go to the Shop

  • Search for an album or artist, or browse by genre

  • Click on the album

  • Click “Buy” if it’s available

  • You might be asked to fill in your credit card info, if it’s not on your Billing page. Any Murfie credit in your balance will be applied toward the purchase first.

  • Click “Finish your purchase”

Click "Player" on your personal navigation menu to stream your album right away. (If you requested “Order New,” the album will take a few days to arrive at our HQ, and you’ll receive an email when it’s ready to stream).

Go to your Collection to see all your albums at Murfie. From there, you can request a download or physical delivery of your albums by clicking “Delivery Options.”

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