How much does Murfie cost?

Current prices for all of our services are found on our Pricing page. Full albums for purchase on Murfie cost $1 and up. The cost of having Murfie digitize your music collection varies with the size of your collection. Get an instant quote for sending CDs and vinyl on our Kit Request page.

We also have optional memberships: Murfie Gold ($49/year or $5/month) gets you $1.99 off digital delivery fees, and Murfie HiFi ($99/year or $10/month) gets you all the benefits of Gold, plus lossless streaming on Autonomic, Bluesound, Sonos, and VOCO devices.

Should you elect to store your music collection at Murfie, climate-controlled and insured storage of your physical collection at Murfie is included with Gold and HiFi memberships.

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