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Add download buttons in the album views of the mobile app.

At this moment, in order to get/download music on my smartphone in the form of flac files, I must:

1- Visit the murfie.com site.
2 - Login to murfie.com
3 - Find the album (multiple clicks)
4 - Clck on "Delivery Options"
5 - Request Download selecting flac.
6 - Login to my email account and find the email that was sent and open it.
7 - Click on the download link in the email.
8 - Once I am on the murfie.com site again, I must click on the download button.
9 - If I am on my laptop, I must save the file.. then extract it and then send it to the phone.. (many many clicks and actions..)

10 - Think OMG this was just for one album!!! What if I had hundreds?

I dream with download buttons in the Album view of the app!
Even if you send a compressed folder that I need to unzip on the phone, it will save me hours of tedious work.

I would definitely buy more music if you made this change.

This is the change that is holding murfie back from becoming "mainstream" in my opinion.




To make this change look good in the app, place a download arrow in the bottom menu ext to the gear icon, that once clicked/tapped, would show all the albums in the murfie.com account on a different page (similar to the existing album view) with one download button per album hovering over the image of each album.

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